Our Company:
Audrey Evan Creative Design [AECD] was founded in 2001 as a small start-up company specializing in graphic designs for small businesses. Our business grew from a few accounts to over one hundred clients after our second year. We are still focused customer retention by delivering the same quality of creative design that the large creative firms deliver…at a fraction of the cost.

We are proud to serve our customers and look forward to working with you to provide a solid brand foundation and creative designs for our customers and their businesses seamlessly and affordably.

Every project at Audrey Evan Creative Design includes substantial research, development and client interaction which helps us deliver perfect results that brings value to our customers. We design and produce sustainable projects that deliver cost driven results for your bottom line. Our success depends on your success.

The Process

Every project is different and that means the approach must be too. Your marketing can achieve greater return on investment with our strategic process that combines imagination, marketing principles, and quality.
We bring to value to the product. We take what makes your products, service, or idea more desirable to your potential customers.
We create by expanding on the truth of your brand, product, service, or idea in media, experiences, and stories.
We engage people to become your customers through compelling advertising, creative collateral, innovative website design and social media.
We execute creative communications and strategic process to make your project, large or small, successful.


We align ourselves with the aspects of an organization—its people, products, communications, and services—around an emotionally charged, creative platform that provides a road map for success.
We design with a purpose, to help brands engage their consumer so they can build awareness, create conversation and drive brand consideration. Looking at the world around us we find the intersection of cultural trends, personal motivations, and behavioral truths to build creative marketing solutions.
We make the complex simple through digital strategy and design. We create products, platforms and campaigns that move products as well as culture.


Whether it’s broadcast, print, digital, social media, events, sales support, or brand…our team is uniquely qualified to execute a simple brand idea through multiple channels. We believe culture drives commerce.
Our in-house video capabilities allow for the creation of content with speed, ease, and affordability.
Our team of digital producers, developers, and user-experience designers are immersed in emerging technologies. Our digital capabilities include website, native, and mobile app development; digital content strategy and execution.